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 Mischievous Application

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PostSubject: Mischievous Application   Mischievous Application Icon_minitimeTue Sep 13, 2011 1:23 pm

Mufee (Moo`fee)

Previous Server/Name:

Current or previous linkshell:
Current: Unforsaken
Type: Social
Status: Active

Previous: Apophis
Type: Limbus
Status: Inactive

Main Job(s):

Other Jobs(75 or above):

Sub Job(s):
46-Red Mage
(Proc Ready)

9999/10000 20/20...Hehe!
All appropriate jobs merits are capped & can be viewed on the ffxiah web site.

Friends in LS:
I haven't really looked @ the Member List yet, I'm sure I may know someone
or someone may remember playing with me.

I seeked you guys out via GuildPortal.

COP: The Last Verse

ZM: The Last Verse

TOAU: Shield of Diplomacy

WOTG: Cait Sith

NYZUL: 7 Floors

Tell us something about yourself:
I'm all about having fun and being helpful to any1 that needs it, I just have to stay active at all times I hate not doing anything that's boring. I'm easy going and very kind I'm also a very timely person so that means I pride myself for getting somewhere on time. I have leadership experience, not that I'm pursuing a sack position I just wanted to mention that because I'm used to rules and origination, following what I'm told. My gameplay method is staying focus on the objective(s) and to help accomplish the goals of the linkshell and its members. The only thing that would interfere with my attendance is that I am currently attending college, Its pretty self explanatory most of my due dates for a assignments are on Mondays @ midnight, so I should be fine..and I do play FFXIV (Taking a brake).

In addition I have a second character "Kuija" Main Job(s): 90-WHM with the appropriate sub jobs currently working on 66-RDM (subject to change) I can Duel Box her and have done so many times in Sky, Abyssea & Limbus. My main focus for Kuija is to mainly have her around for support in or outside an alliance. She doesn't necessarily need to benefit from any pacific gears, I've mainly obtained her armors from random party gatherings and w/e I could duo/solo. With that being said it would be nice to get her in on KI's that drops to entire alliances if possible, if not that's ok too. Oh another thing if you all are doing Dynamis I'd like to sign Kuija up for that . I think I have put down more then anyone should post in an App so I hope that you will consider having me.

Thank you for viewing my application

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Mischievous Application
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