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 Sesono Application

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PostSubject: Sesono Application   Sesono Application Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 1:25 pm

Name: Sesono

Previous Server/Name: Odin / Sesono

current or previous linkshell: StrongWings

Main Job(s): WHM, NIN, BLM, RNG

Other Jobs(75 or above): MNK, WAR

sub jobs: SCH

merits: really? I'm full - all Jobs at maximum, running around 20/20 even after teh update.

Friends in LS: all people from StrongWings Smile

COP: I Dont have sea yet - read below to understand why.

ZM: almost complete - just last fight left (Eld'narche)

TOAU: haven't done much (read below)

WOTG: same

NYZUL: same

Tell us something about yourself

All, right. I started playing FFXI in January 2003 and played for almost 5 years. I was a long time member of Limitbreak on Odin until SE decided to ban my account with a huge banwave - a lot of friends got banned too, because we all used the same CC (CC's are not common in germany, so we all played on one). After years SE decided to ban us because of CC fraud O_o ...we had no chance getting our accounts back. So i quitted.
This is a new Account/Charakter i've made after the ban, i started leveling until 70~ then quitted again b/c of work issues - had to travel a lot ><
Since 5 month im back and FFXI has changed entirely Very Happy ...at first i was like WTF?! But i realized that the game needed to progress ~ not saying SE did a good job Very Happy
However, i had a lot of fun in "KinderVanadiels LS" on Odin until the day of Servermerge with the last recent Version Update. JAPANESE ALL AROUND THE CLOCK!!! The Server was flooded - at any time, at any place (I got a nice screenshot with SE telling people to leave Port jeuno because its too full lol).
Half the LS decided to quit the game and i was almost alone after that >< I was kind of forced to switch server and i heard of some germans on this server - so i came here.

I am mainly focused on my Ninja atm which already has +2 gear (2/5) and my White Mage (also 2/5 on +2). I am one of those people who attend always, silently doing his job and playing along Smile I hate drama and yelling - especially for items and stuff. Comes time - comes items - more than you really need. So i dont push myself (and others)^^
I'm also working on Kannagi, i'm on Briareus Stage (and also have half the Sobek Hides in Storage already) but i rather lowman this instead expecting a LS to get the helms for me...so no worrys Wink
My BLM ist still gimp - not even worth to mention it really... i did some LS Events with it just to trigger stuff (got all spells, working on Sleepga II Quest atm).
My Ranger is also in good shape (1/5 +2) - in case we need a Markmanship/Bow Trigger (which wont happen^^).

If you need any more information, /t me ;-)
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Sesono Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sesono Application   Sesono Application Icon_minitimeTue Jun 07, 2011 7:46 pm

Application Approved. Please see myself, jamver, olshy, raistlain, or ziedel for pearl.

Sesono Application Bazui
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Sesono Application
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