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PostSubject: INSTINCTS APPLICATION   INSTINCTS APPLICATION Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 10:38 pm


ive been on SYLPH for the last 3 years and have always got along with the people ive met im always up for a laugh and trying to get more entertainment out of this game, ive asked others for help on a few things and have always been stuck doing things on my own. i am looking for a LS were we can all help each other out and to work as a team.

current or previous bigballsmofo

Main Job(s): THF 90 BST 90 NIN 90 WHM 85

Other Jobs all other jobs in the 20s

sub jobs: are the same as the high lvl jobs named above


THF: triple attack rate 5/5 feint 5/5 flee recast 5/5 aura steal 5/5

WHM: Protectra V and Shellra V 2/?? needs work on

NIN: none to date

BST: Beast Affinity 5/5 Beast healer 5/5 regen recast 5/5

i am currently with a social LS called bigballsmofo with Izzybella who is part of the Deaths of Abyssea LS too , i get along fine with izzy and the rest of the social LS. There are a few people in DOA that i recognise and ive partied with a few of them before and always got along fine.


COP: need a few CS then on tenzen

ZM: Complete

TOAU: Mission 10

WOTG: Mission 4

NYZUL: Never did much of Nyzul.

i want to join a LS that wants to help each other out because i like helping people out and to work well as a team, i just want to be given a chance with the LS and i wont let you all down.
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