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PostSubject: App   App Icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 4:50 pm


Previous Server/Name: Kujata 03-10 (Shlome) Sylph 10-present (Balder)

current or previous linkshell: SymbiosisX


Other Jobs(75 or above):83 PLD 88RNG 81 DRK 75 WAR MNK 75

sub jobs: RDM WHM 40 DNC lol

merits: 3 max hp, 5 max mp, 4 str, 1 dex, 4 dagger 8 polearm, 7 arch 1 evasion, 8 enfeeb, 8 ele, 4 crit hit rate, 4 spell interrupt rate
BLM 5 Ice and Thun, 3 Freeze II, Tornado II, Burst II, 1 Flood II
THF 3 Sneak, 2 Trick, 5 Triple, 1 assassin charge, 5 Feint 2 aura steal, 2 ambush
PLD 5 Shield bash, 5 Sentinel, 1 Chivalry, 1 iron will, 3 guardian
DRK 4 last resort, 1 diabolic eye, 3 desperate blow
MNK 5 counter, 5 kick att, 2 mantra, 1 formless, 2 invigorate
RNG 2 unlimted 5 rapid shot, 1 Flashy, 3 snap shot, 1 recycle
NIN 5 subtle blow, 4 ninja too expert, 1 all san
DRG 5 Jump recast, 5 High jump recast, 5 Angon, 5 Strafe (no idea why)
SMN 3 Avatar phys acc, 2 avatar phys att, 3 avatar mag acc, 2 avatar mag att, 4 heavenly strike, 4 wind blade, 1 thunderstorm, 1 grandfall

Friends in LS: Raistlain is only one i know of

COP: Done

ZM: Done

TOAU: Done



Tell us something about yourself Well first of all im in the military and currently stationed in EU. My play times are 5pm-10pm GMT. I have been playing since ps2 release. There isnt much i have not done in this game but i hate having to rely on pickup parties for stuff i need to complete. I would like to be able to do things with other people that are on the same time as me. I hope you will have me.
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PostSubject: Re: App   App Icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 8:28 pm

app approved
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PostSubject: Re: App   App Icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 12:43 am

Application. Approved see myself or Ziedel for a pearl your first run will be friday. If you cant make the run juzt let us know. Due to maintenance on Thursday.

Best of luck and hope you enjoy the linkshell.

App Bazui
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PostSubject: Re: App   App Icon_minitime

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