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PostSubject: Raistlain's App   Raistlain's App Icon_minitimeTue Dec 21, 2010 10:16 pm

Hello all Izzybella has told me about you guys and thought I would give it a shot. I am just coming back to the game from a break I took in June when my mom passed away from cancer and I am just now getting back and got some catching up to do. Anyhow Here is my app hope to see ya'll soon.

Name: Raistlain

Previous Server/Name: Pandemonium from 2004-2009 Sylph 2009-Present Never name changed had the same name since I began this game

current or previous linkshell: AXI,SymbiosisR,Dangerous Company

Main Job(s): BLM90, RDM90, WHM90, BRD80

Other Jobs(75 or above): None but all of my subs are up to date and leveled.

sub jobs: Nin, DRK, WHM,RDM,SCH

merits: BLM: lvl 8 Elemental Magic, lvl 8 Enfeebling magic, lvl 5 MP, lvl 4 Int, lvl 4 Burst II, lvl 4 Freeze II, Thunder Magic Potentcy capped, Ice magic potentcy capped.

WHM: Protectra V and Shellra V capped, lvl 4 Cure -%, lvl 3 Bar spells, lvl 3 Regen Potentcy, and again above mp and int and mnd merits

RDM: earth magic lvl 3, ice magic lvl 3, Para II lvl 2, Slow II lvl 3,

BRD: Min lvl 2, Madri lvl 2, Troubador capped, Nightingale capped.

Friends in LS: Izzybella and I have seen a few other names I am familiar with with the shell on in town and whatnot

COP: Complete

ZM: Complete

TOAU: Mission 36

WOTG: Mission 10

NYZUL: Never did much of Nyzul.

I am just lookin for a shell I can fit in with and go out have fun and get things done!! I hate waiting around while I see everyone else walking around with the GEAR I want, and shit let's be honest if I can have done doing it the gear and stuff has little matter to me. So that's me in a nut shell I hope ya'll like the app and give me a chance.
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Raistlain's App
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